Hello 2017, I Know I’m a Little Late


I entered 2016 with a mantra rather than a resolution, “Do not live a mediocre life.” 2016 was pretty kind to me, because I decided I was going to work really hard to make it that way. I decided that if this was my one shot at happiness, I had to take it for all it was worth. Do what you want. Be what you want. Why couldn’t I? I thought, “stop making excuses and start making plans.”

So, I started taking classes at my “dream” college. I was blessed with an amazing relationship, with a truly amazing guy. I flew in an airplane for the first time. I took a leap of faith and quit waitressing. I learned (okay – I’m still learning) to cook. I started taking care of myself mentally and physically, which resulted in less panic attacks and less depression and me losing about 30 pounds.

12:00 AM, January 1st, 2017. I was pumped. I brought in the New Year with my boyfriend, thinking “It’s gonna be a great year.”

Well, life is unexpected and unpredictable.

Where did January go?

That’s what I was left thinking when my rent rolled around on the 1st and I found myself grateful for the 3 day grace period. Where did the time go?

I jokingly made comments late December that the gym and track were going to be crowded with January-ers. People that pumped themselves up to achieve goals in 2017, overworked and then fizzled out. Mid-February, things would go back to normal for the most part and we wouldn’t have to wait around to use the tiny gym at my apartment.

It didn’t matter if it was more crowded, I wasn’t there.

I was the opposite of a January-er. My plan was just to continue all of the awesome things that 2016 had brought me and taught me, but instead I wasn’t leaving my bed.

A week into January, depression hit me harder than it ever has. I would do my school work (missing the occasional deadline), go to work and sleep. That was it. For weeks. Work and sleep and fake smiling and hysterically crying and beating myself up and putting myself down and sleep and then work and then fake smiling and…

Days passed without me really comprehending it. I got to a point of depression where I didn’t care if I was ever happy again. I felt like happiness was a lie, and that I had found the truth. Life was miserable.

I won’t go into details here of the effect that oral contraceptives have on people with bipolar disorder (especially those who rely on Lamictal). Maybe I’ll write a post on that in the future.

But, I will say that without the patience and perseverance of those that love me (and an increase of medication), I wouldn’t be a brand new February-er. No, scratch that – 2017-er. (Hmm, hard to say and not very catchy at all lol)

So, January 2017 is gone. It’s gone and I feel like I barely got through it. But looking back is a lost cause, and blaming myself for falling off the wagon…. again, a lost cause.

Did you miss out on January? Maybe you started off with momentum, and you’ve come to a screeching halt? Are you disappointed in yourself? Do you just not have time to reach your goals? Are you telling yourself that it’s not the right time to prioritize what you want out of life?

Here’s what I’m suggesting:

Whatever you want out of life, whatever it is you want to be or do…. Start now. January wasn’t a failure if you started drinking soda again, or fell back into a toxic relationship, or gained 3 pounds or didn’t get that promotion at work or whatever it is that’s trying to tell you to just give up. Stop. Don’t be a burn out. Don’t obsess over a resolution you missed. Why not make your resolution just to try harder and work harder for the life that you want, and love the life you have.

Aim for a continued happier lifestyle, not a deadline. January is gone – but I’m not, you’re not.

Why not try again?

Until next time –diy-daydream


An In-Depth Guide To Overcoming Depression // Part 1: Why You Should Talk About It

A Girl's Guide To Conquering Depression.png

For some reason, depression is something a lot of people aren’t comfortable talking about, even though it affects approximately 1 in 6 people at some point in their lifetime. Think of it this way: you’re sitting in a baseball stadium filled with people. Now, break up the stadium into six pieces. 1/6th of the people there have or will experience depression. That’s so many people and that’s only a tiny piece of a much larger picture. 

I think we’re afraid to talk about it because there’s this pressure to appear perfect to the world. We broadcast so much of ourselves online now, and it’s easy to pick and choose the best parts of ourselves to share. We obsess over the best caption, the best angle, the perfect post. We sit in such close proximity to the next person on our newsfeed that it’s impossible not to compare. (Yes, I am writing a post about social media detoxing soon!)

No one is perfect. We all have flaws. Yet, we ignore this and compare our blooper reels to everyone else’s Oscar worthy performance. It’s unfair. It sets impossible standards and takes away from our authentic self, and our authenticity in our relationships with the people around is.

One thing about depression is it’s isolating. Depression starts telling you that you’re alone, that you deserve to be alone, that you’re a burden to others, that people don’t like you, and won’t miss you when you’re gone.

It’s all a lie. Every single mean thing that depression tells you is a lie. And maybe you already know that or maybe you’re shaking your head and scoffing because “This girl on the internet definitely doesn’t know a thing about me.”

Either way, knowing this truth or not, really doesn’t change the fact that you feel this way.

That’s why it’s so important to talk about it. So imperative and urgent to reach out when you feel alone or you think someone else might be feeling alone. Talk about your experiences, the low points, the breaking points.  One day, you’ll talk about how it gets better, how you pulled yourself out of it and conquered an illness that tried so hard to conquer you.

I once went to a mental health lecture and when the doctor was discussing common delusions of schizophrenia, he made a statement that when he put his patients in a group, multiple people would start claiming they were Jesus (a common delusion of grandeur). By the end of the group session, they were able to work it out that they surely weren’t all Jesus, maybe none of them were Jesus. Ding ding ding! We have the answer!

I think this works for depression too (and all mental illnesses really). When you start having open and honest conversations about how you feel, you start realizing you’re not alone. You start feeling less “crazy.” You start realizing that things can get better. You realize that depression is not your fault.

It does get better.

In my next post, I’ll be discussing my personal journey with depression and the many different forms it can take. Before I continue any further with this post, I want to encourage you to consider professional help if you feel it necessary. I can give you advice all day about living with mental illnesses and keeping a positive mindset, but I cannot prescribe you medication (and sometimes that may be what you need). You

I’ll leave you with one piece of advice today: Do something nice for yourself. Maybe it’s a bubble bath, a glass of wine, a new book. I promise, YOU deserve it. Then do something that will help future you. Pack a healthy lunch for work, make your bed, go ahead and meet that deadline a day early. Give your future self a little break. And lastly, do something you’ll be proud of yourself for doing. For me that’s getting outside and getting active. Even if you don’t want to, I recommend you do these things anyway. And then tuck yourself into bed, get a great night’s sleep, wake up and do it all over again!

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Never give up. Don’t quit your daydream.







Best (Free!) iPhone Apps To Help You Lose Weight

How Your iPhone Can Help You Lose Weight!.jpg

Hello Gorgeous! I’m guessing if you’re reading this post, you’re looking to shed a few extra pounds. Maybe you have a special event coming up, a weekend away, or maybe you just want to start living a healthier lifestyle and feel great in your own skin! Here is my round up of the best apps that have helped me lose weight.

  1. Lose It! – This is my number 1, Holy Grail, weight loss app. This helps me log my calories, log my exercise and counts my steps. All in one place! It even congratulates me when I reach milestones and lets me join fun challenges to make weight loss a little more enjoyable. Daydreamer Tip: Start with the 1 pound plan until you’re comfortable there, then slowly restrict calories until you reach the 2 pound plan. You’re going to slip up sometimes, that’s okay!! Start slow, set reasonable goals, and you’ll be less likely to lie to the app about what you’ve eaten and more likely to stick to your goal long-term. 
  2. C25K – Couch to 5k is my all time favorite exercise app. I’ve tried dozens of apps over the years (and even exercise videos) that give you exercise routines and schedules to follow, but I never was able to stick to them. This app uses interval training to make even a couch potato like me into a 5k runner. The weirdest thing is, I’ve always hated to run. I was even the total slow poke on my soccer team in high school.Well guess what, y’all? I’m officially in love with running. I actually look forward to when my running buddies (my dog and my boyfriend) and I all go to the nearest park and follow the interval plan that this app gives you. Since it slowly builds up endurance, I never get discouraged and I’m able to actually stick to the plan. Daydreamer Tip: Invest in cute running clothes and tennis shoes that you only can wear when you go running. Keep the shoes by your front door. Look at your schedule for the week and pick out three days you have time to go running. Just do it! 
  3. Pinterest – I know, I know. Pinterest is pretty much good for anything and you’re probably thinking this barely counts as a suggestion, but hear me out. I use Pinterest to help me with my weight loss in four different ways.
    • First, for yoga. I love to do some light yoga after a run, just to stretch out my muscles and keep me from getting sore. Search “Yoga for Weight Loss” and you’ll find a quick routine you can do a couple times a week when you don’t have time for your run. Daydreamer Tip: I also use yoga to help me de-stress, to improve my flexibility and balance, and even help relieve menstrual cramps. 
    • Second, for healthy meal planning. I like to sit down and make my grocery lists while scrolling through healthy snacks and meals.
    • Third, for inspiration. This is the number one way Pinterest helps me lose weight. It keeps me on track. Reading other people’s success stories, reading inspirational quotes, seeing before and after pictures – all of these remind me that I CAN do it.
  4. Waterlogged – This is last on my list because I don’t use it as much as I should. Hey, I’m human! Drinking enough water is hard for me. It’s bland and boring. (Not to mention it sends me running to the bathroom all day!) But it’s so important to drink enough water, and this app helps you keep up with it. You set how much water you need to drink and you keep logging your water until the bottle is full! Daydreamer Tip: Add fruit or Mio Drops to your water to make it more interesting. Get a cute water bottle and take it everywhere you go! 

Alright y’all, that’s a wrap on my favorite apps for weight loss! Let me know if you try them out and what works best for you!


5 Shows You Should Be Binge Watching

MUST WATCH List this Fall!.pngHello Fellow-Couch Potatoes! It’s getting cold outside again and that means watching unreasonable amounts of TV can be disguised as a “Fall Time Activity” if you do it while cuddling up in your favorite blankets and drinking hot chocolate out of your favorite mug!

Here are five shows on my Must-Watch list this for this Fall!

1. Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is first on my list, because if you haven’t seen this show then need to hurry up and get on the bandwagon! If you start binge-watching now, maybe you’ll be ready for the November 25th much-awaited final installment in the story of our favorite girls from Stars Hollow.

  • You’ll love Gilmore Girls if you like quick, witty humor, heartfelt family moments, rooting for people who belong together, or if you just really, really like coffee.

Watch it on Netflix.

2. The Flash

If you like superheroes, this show is for you! The Flash isn’t your normal action packed TV show, but instead has a quirkiness to it that will you keep you laughing all while rooting for the protagonist, Barry Allen.

  • You’ll love The Flash if you like a little humor sprinkled on top of your action, love to catch the bad guy or if you’re a fan of guys in tight red super-suits.

The Flash can be seen on Netflix and TheCW App. 

3. New Girl 

I love this show! I recently re-watched this entire series and fell in love with it all over again. Each character has their own lovable quirks and this tight knit group of friends will have you calling your friends to get together more often.

  • You’ll love New Girl if you’re the last one to stop laughing at your own joke, you’re still figuring this “adulthood” thing out, you sometimes wonder if you’re the “awkward friend,” or maybe you just really want to know what happens to a cat named Ferguson.

New Girl can be seen on Netflix, with new episodes appearing on Hulu. 

4. Sherlock

Okay, where do I even begin with this show? If you’re not looking to become mildly obsessed with Benedict Cumberbatch, go ahead and skip this show. It’s smart, it’s gripping, it’s shocking. Really – you’ll start one episode and then suddenly arrive at the end of the last season.

  • You’ll love Sherlock if you love a good mystery, you don’t mind cheering on a know-it-all, your personal style aesthetic includes a deerstalker hat, or maybe you’re already in love with Benedict Cumberbatch.

Watch it on Netflix.

5. This Is Us

STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND WATCH THIS SHOW. Seriously, do it. This show had me crying in the very first episode. It’s beautifully heartfelt, relatable and it’s flashback style of story telling always leaves you with questions. It’s got something genuine about it that can’t really be found anywhere else on TV.

  • You’ll love This Is Us. Period.

Check it out on Hulu.

And that wraps up my Must-Watch List for this Fall!